The evolution of technology is the second item on the list of prerequisites to discuss with all the like minded humans in the world.  I already see this is going to be a hearty and exciting conversation in this world I call The Paradigm. I’m going to put out several ideas to ponder that led me to a theory that is paramount in my personal paradigm (if you’ll pardon my alliteration).

The Behavior of the Evolution of Technology Part 1

This video posted below raises some fundamental anecdotal questions that will be a great mindset for the next video I will be posting soon. There will be 3 videos I will be sharing with you over the coming week. After the topic of the evolution of technology has sunk in I’m gonna hit you out of left field a bit and see if any of you will follow me down the rabbit hole. The gentleman in this video isn’t quite as smooth in his delivery as the video I posted in my last blog of Juan Enriquez; so bear with him, his intention is easy to discern.

Evolution of Technology: Your Final Assumption

After you watch the clip shown below, you may find it’s rather easy to accept that technology, rather a “species” DOES in fact follow the same evolutionary patterns as biological matter. Let’s move forward under the temporary paradigm that there is. Conscious or not, there is SOME form of active desire or anime driving that behavior in you. WHAT that may be is yet to be seen. But the next little nugget of video gold I post may slam the non programmed “theory” of evolutionary drive into a damn near mind fucking absolute.

For now, let’s build a little more foundation for the evolution of technology and the next discussion to come.

This is Kevin Kelly.

The Beginning

The Beginning: As I was preparing to launch this blog during an exceptionally busy time I’ve found myself for weeks now writing and editing and rewriting and deleting and starting over and it suddenly dawned on me: WHY I’m so overwhelmed was the very reason I began The Paradigm in the first place. There is so much information to catch up on I simply didn’t know where to begin. So rather than trying to baby step my way in to such murky waters I figured, to hell with it. Lay out some groundwork and just jump right in.

Where Shall We Begin? How About, The Beginning

It’s no big secret I have what some might call an optimistic outlook on life expectancy  for humans in this and especially the next generation. There are three basic yet very complex factors in why I believe we are on the cusp of an epoch that will usher in a time of extraordinarily exciting but understandably frightening change.

1. The evolution of human biology

2. The evolution of technology (and its classification as a species)

3. The evolution of human consciousness


The Beginning at a Glance

To start with the first, I’d like to share this video of Juan Enriquez speaking at a TED Conference. I was so lucky to find this as I humbly admit my enthusiasm and passion for this would never allow me to lay out such perfect “catch you up to speed” groundwork in roughly 15 minutes. Not without one of our heads exploding. It is fascinating and perfectly structured. I’d like to present this as my first topic of discussion.

“Will your kids be (or are some of us now) a different species?”

The Rock Must Go On: A Quest for Immortality

Immortality can be a part of a musicians timeline as they constantly strive to create music so profound it will rock the industry.  Song after song artists record compositions with one goal in mind: to create the world’s next number one hit.  Why? As human beings we constantly try to escape mortality. In the case of the musician, what more indefinite way than through creating a song that will forever be played.

Many of us can recall the first time we heard a song that truly changed our lives.  The Beatles singing “Let it Be”, Michael Jacksons “Thriller”, or any endeavor of music that impacts the lives of millions will forever be idolized and those names will be left immortal.  But why do musicians go to such extremes to preform and supply their fans with music?  The Answer – Immortality.

Human Immortality

Ernest Becker describes humans as routinely avoiding the thought of death. Throughout our lives we persistently mask the fact that one day we will parish. It may be masked through love. A place where we hide entangled in our partners arms, momentarily in infinite catharsis.  Or by implementing religion, placing our lives before a higher being to escape the fear of death.  Religion constructs a space of certainty after death, freeing our minds of its ambiguity. Or lastly, we escape the idea of death by creating a piece of work that will forever move the world leaving our names engraved in history.  Music works in this way.  It has the ability move people time and time again. A true number one hit will forever be immortalized.

However, we are quickly approaching an era where the idea of truly being an immortal artist may be present.  We are living in a time where technology is advancing at an exponential rate. In simpler terms, our machines are becoming so efficient that they are making musicians record higher quality tracks, market to a larger demographic, and even maintain a healthier life.
Put even more simply, artists can sound better, be listened to more, and live longer careers (or maybe forever).  Ultimately, this technological explosion will allow an artist to one-day produce a piece so perfect it takes the form of synesthesia.

This very notion is what creates a “paradigm” within the world we live in.  What will happen when technology perfects man? Will everyone be perfected? What are the consequences? Will we still want to create music since we do not live in the state of fear of death as described by Becker? There are many questions that arise from this thought. As technology perfects mans flaws immortality will, one day, become the default  perfecting music or defying life itself.


Hello Paradigm, my name is Devin Stone and I will be contributing to this conversation of what really is this Paradigm. I currently am co-owner of MetroMD Institute of Regenerative Medicine where I focus my time on implementing modern medical procedures to the public. These include stem cell therapies, gene therapy, and hormone replacements therapies. In other words I am your token nerd.

Regenerative Medicine and Your Body

My interest in the medical field started with understanding how complex of a machine the human body is. As my education grew I became more aware of different methods to preserve the body and to continually regenerate its tissues. Soon I took interest in, what will happen once we perfect the human body? What happens when we are immortal? Do we become Gods? At this time I met Ben Moody. Ben became one of our clinics patients where he underwent some of the top medical procedures the world has to offer. After seeing Ben’s enthusiasm for medicine, the human body, and just the direction science is moving we quickly found ourselves seeking a parallel mindset.

Regenerative Medicine

As our minds collaborated it seemed we were both concerned with a similar notion of the direction our world is moving towards. We quickly noticed that the world is becoming a mechanic place, overrun by science. Technology is exponentially growing. Ideologies of life, religion and love are quickly fading due to this vast expansion of technology. For example, remember when you used to have to find love, now you can create love online. Sad, isn’t it.

Regenerative Medicine Associated with The Paradigm

This is what I will be contributing to The Paradigm. Explaining these ideas of religion, regenerative medicine, philosophical futurism, transhumanism, and you name it through examples in science. It is inevitable that the world is moving towards a state that most of us are unaware of and over the course of the paradigm we will highlight exactly what these are. So stay tuned world, or you will be left behind.


The Paradigm
Blog 001:06.13.12

par·a·digm (pr-dm, -dm)
001. One that serves as a pattern or model.119. A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.
The Paradigm: This particular wording used to define “paradigm” is by far my favorite. In and of itself it embodies the complexity of a paradigm. Much like expelling its usage you find yourself describing a concept more than simply exercising the semantics of defining a word. Especially when this one word stands for the totality of everything that both individuates you and binds others to you. Filtering everything you see, hear, feel, experience, fear, accept,trust and condemn through an intricate and complex system classification and archiving. This process both determines the outcome and is altered by its own determination.

The Paradigm and The Significance

The Paradigm can be explained in this next example. An Agnostic Scientist and A devout Christian Fundamentalist Evangelist can read the exact same article regarding a vigorously debated issue, for example; a vote to determine the right of gays and lesbians to marry and receive the same acknowledgements, rights and benefits as Heterosexual marriage.

The very next story they read chronicles the horrible massacre of high school students by an imbalanced and dissociative student ended by the tragic but truly inspiring and heroic actions of a first responder. Both of these men are most likely going to have nearly identical reactions to the school shooting. Both men live within paradigms that find acts of senseless violence appalling and these belief paradigms dictate not only their absolute denouncement of such acts but in truth are the controlling factor that prohibits both men from even entertaining the notion of participating in that behavior. Everyone is a part of the paradigm whether they know it or not.

Both men, in this case co-exist in a paradigm that provides the security of like mindedness that makes civilization possible. Yet, they would most likely be adamantly opposed on the issue of gay marriage. To the Christian, the Paradigm of belief in God is so powerful it quite literally “saves” his life from any fear that he will himself have to come to terms with the concepts of insignificance, mortality, fear of sexuality and this “salvation” provides a euphoric peace so precious that he accepts the terms of that paradigm no questions asked.
Homosexuality is a sin, so says the Paradigm of Christian Fundamentalism. To not oppose it would be in direct conflict with the terms of his salvation. It’s not that difficult to understand why some beliefs drive men to such extreme acts when you consider that most of us are prewired with questions to which no absolute answers are to be found. No matter which side of the coin you reside; be it in search of God or just any sentient life other than us; we have all since the dawn of self awareness turned our sights to the heavens for answers.

On the other side, however the truly agnostic scientist (and I say truly because I believe it’s paramount that the sanctity of a word’s meaning be sovereign. Paradigms are often distorted and confused simply because we don’t take the time to understand everything we attach when we apply labels)… he being agnostic finds peace in the belief that the only proof that exists for any argument on the subject is that we can say with empirical absolution the no one can prove or disprove the existence of any deity. True agnosticism is based on a foundation of peace with the unknown and has no construct in place for salvation. So the concept of judgement or augmented human rights based on genetic predispositions under no one’s control but the random whim of nature is such an absurdity, the idea that it is even considered an option to put to a vote violates his paradigm of humanity. And now each man, being firmly planted within the confines of their respective paradigms have gone from trusted allies in the face of an agreed evil. Yet, each an immovable opposition to the other in a disagreement that for all intense and purposes resides in paradigms rooted in the most universally shared concept in all of human history. What’s the point? It’s simple. The paradigms we reside in when in harmony create civilizations, give birth to art, higher consciousness, expanded horizons which leads to more comfort and trust and in the end; the single most important trait of humanity.

What Does the Paradigm Mean to You?

Empathy. Until you truly seek to understand that which is different; especially that which fundamentally opposes your paradigms; then you are not truly free. Freedom is the Paradigm men have given their lives for. But for most, it’s an illusion. Because freedom only exists when choices are made. My paradigms are tested daily. And shift more often than I do laundry. BECAUSE I HAVE CHOICES. Choices require information. Here, I’m going to share any and everything I find interesting from music to film to technology, futurism, transhumanism, space, science, science fiction, science that USED to be science fiction, deloreans, altered states, boobs, religion, boobs, education, public outreach, hidden treasure, adventures on mountains, in caves, underwater, with boobs, scientific shit THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND, cutting edge R&D, regenerative medicine, hot librarians, and yes…. boobs. And guitar solos. There’s only so much one man can google. So this will soon be an open forum. It’s not for everyone… basically just really cool people into awesome shit. If that’s you….. then hopefully I’ll see you here often in The Paradigm.

THIS IS NOT A PLACE OF DEBATE! This is a place to come, learn, share, grow, be amazed, be unimpressed, be challenged, be changed, be unphased, be inspired, humbled, moved, and be made resolute. There is more fascinating information in the world than we could all learn 10 lifetimes. So let’s get started. I’m Ben Moody; and welcome to The Paradigm.

Mystery #1
Fucking magnets. How do THEY work?