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COMING SOON: STUDIO 119″You have a voice. The question is… Do you have anything to say?¨Studio 119is an all access pass to the inner workings of not only the music business, but also features regular live streaming performances by Ben Moody and all of the songwriters and artists he works with. Studio 119 introduces and exposes musicians, artists, painters, and producers of all kinds. The interesting aspect of Studio 119is that Ben Moody does not stop at the artistry of the world. Ben likes to understand the facts of how it works and this is where you can be current on statistics and discoveries of the world from scientists, songwriters, and anyone else Ben Moody finds inspiring. Studio 119 is the chance for Ben Moody to share with the world (in great detail) all the amazing things that art has to offer on all levels with no boundaries, limits, or rules.Ben Moody will be streaming live from Studio 119 featuring special events such as performance art exhibits, live studio performances from musicians all over the world, and in-depth interviews with extremely knowledgeable, well educated people. Studio 119 is also a place where Ben Moody will be featuring amazingly talented musicians on a regular basis, and giving you the opportunity to stream, if not download, these live acoustic performances from a host of artists for FREE.

Studio 119 provides a more personal and intimate experience to the viewers from the live stream. The streaming on Studio 119 is all real-time live video. It is happening at that very moment, which means you are not watching edited footage with cut out scenes. You get to watch what really goes down in Studio 119. It is the place where you can meet a new upcoming artists as well as established artists who are making an impact in the world at this very moment. You will never see these guests in such an intimate, up close, and personal light, as you will at Studio 119. This is where artists and producers can visit and feel at home and personal with their fans, such as you.

An Inside Look at Studio 119

Musicians will be making stops at Studio 119 to share their talents and stories with the world. Painters, producers, and even scientists will be sharing their well-kept secrets and knowledge keeping you up to date on what to listen to, what is occurring in the world, and how you can be a part of The Paradigm movement. Over the course of Ben Moody’s career, he has formed a wide range of friendships and partnerships with unique and fascinating people, which is why there is never a dull moment at Studio 119. That is why it the perfect place to showcase new and entertaining people.

You never know who will be making the next stop at Studio 119. On some occasions you might find a musician performing an acoustic session. At other times, you might find a scientist talking about global warming and the Hadron Collider. The possibilities of the personalities who can visit Studio 119 are endless! The goal of Studio 119 is to build a personal relationship with the viewers and the people who visit the studio.

Studio 119 has created a whole new experience. Imagine a place where the person in front of the camera can feel comfortable and talk to the audience as they are being asked questions in real time. The system created by Ben Moody is so unique that it has never been done. This is what makes Studio 119 so exciting and new. People have always wanted something so exclusive such as Studio 119. Studio 119 will become a legendary spot where new and established talent will become cordially invited frequently. Bookmark our Studio 119 page to make it easier and more convenient to check back on our most recent Studio 119 videos and streams.¨

Live Streaming In Studio 119

As explained before, Studio 119 is one-of-a-kind, because of its exclusive look into the reality of making music, ground breaking technology, and the lives of people that effect us daily. It is your backstage pass into magic in the making, and people who want to communicate and have fun with the audience. A cool feature that we will be integrating soon is the ability to have our audience chat with the visitors and their upcoming projects, tell them your thoughts, artists will be able to answer your questions and you can even have the opportunity to perform live with other artists being inspired at Studio 119. Check back often to see video documentaries of Ben’s rotating featured artists!


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Studio 119