Photos of Ben Moody and his everyday life can be found right here. Ben Moody wants to share his photos with the world, “Because I’m really, really good looking.” In his most humble voice.
Stay current on what Ben Moody is up to and what he has done by looking at his photos. Ben Moody’s photo gallery keeps you connected to him and helps you understand what he does on a daily basis. Ben Moody is continuously working on videos and music in collaboration with other artists and producers such as Celine Dion, Evanescence, We Are The Fallen, Bo Bice, and Avril Lavigne to name a few. This is where you can see his music video still and be a part of the creative process of his projects while witnessing them unfold from beginning to end. You can find photosof Ben Moody in his studio performing everyday activities such as setting up camera equipment, telling a musician how to play their music differently, constantly changing his mind, re-arranging and then realizing his first idea was better, editing, programming, spending days arranging string parts, automating effects plug-ins, choosing which goggles to wear, and sometimes playing an instrument or two.

Ben Moody Photos

Don’t be fooled, Ben Moody isn’t always about “lights, camera, action.” He is also an adventure seeking, mountaineer and you can witness all of his bravery in his photos. Ben has hiked “many a mountain,” and for a while he spent most of his free time exploring the open terrain. These photos entail hikes from Kilimanjaro and eventually he will have photographed evidence from his training expeditions in the Sierra Nevadas, Ice Lake and Fuller Lake, from the summits of the San Juan mountains. His experiences in the Campe Yakonze safari retreat in Kenya is when things really get interesting. Exploring unknown lands is one of his greatest passions, as he is constantly working on his getting quest to hike the Seven Summits. These are the highest peaks on each continent in the world, including Mt. Everest.

Photos of Artistic Expression

Get a behind-the-scenes at Ben in the studio and on video sets for his solo projects, as well as documentation of current mainstream artists that he’s working with. Here you will find Ben Moody’s promotional shots, personal life experiences, working in the studio, live stills from music videos, and an inside look at the development of Studio 119.

Ben Moody finds that photos are among the quickest and most entertaining way to communicate with fans and keeping them updated on what is going on in his life regarding life ventures and artistic developments. Photos are updated frequently so that you can always have a visual of Ben Moody’s latest works and friendships with artists, producers and scientists. You will find that all of our photos are high-quality pictures that you will enjoy looking through and sharing with your friends. Ben Moody captures all of the exclusive moments in his life so that you can stay up to date with all of his progress and future projects.

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