The Paradigm
Blog 001:06.13.12

par·a·digm (pr-dm, -dm)
001. One that serves as a pattern or model.119. A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.
The Paradigm: This particular wording used to define “paradigm” is by far my favorite. In and of itself it embodies the complexity of a paradigm. Much like expelling its usage you find yourself describing a concept more than simply exercising the semantics of defining a word. Especially when this one word stands for the totality of everything that both individuates you and binds others to you. Filtering everything you see, hear, feel, experience, fear, accept,trust and condemn through an intricate and complex system classification and archiving. This process both determines the outcome and is altered by its own determination.

The Paradigm and The Significance

The Paradigm can be explained in this next example. An Agnostic Scientist and A devout Christian Fundamentalist Evangelist can read the exact same article regarding a vigorously debated issue, for example; a vote to determine the right of gays and lesbians to marry and receive the same acknowledgements, rights and benefits as Heterosexual marriage.

The very next story they read chronicles the horrible massacre of high school students by an imbalanced and dissociative student ended by the tragic but truly inspiring and heroic actions of a first responder. Both of these men are most likely going to have nearly identical reactions to the school shooting. Both men live within paradigms that find acts of senseless violence appalling and these belief paradigms dictate not only their absolute denouncement of such acts but in truth are the controlling factor that prohibits both men from even entertaining the notion of participating in that behavior. Everyone is a part of the paradigm whether they know it or not.

Both men, in this case co-exist in a paradigm that provides the security of like mindedness that makes civilization possible. Yet, they would most likely be adamantly opposed on the issue of gay marriage. To the Christian, the Paradigm of belief in God is so powerful it quite literally “saves” his life from any fear that he will himself have to come to terms with the concepts of insignificance, mortality, fear of sexuality and this “salvation” provides a euphoric peace so precious that he accepts the terms of that paradigm no questions asked.
Homosexuality is a sin, so says the Paradigm of Christian Fundamentalism. To not oppose it would be in direct conflict with the terms of his salvation. It’s not that difficult to understand why some beliefs drive men to such extreme acts when you consider that most of us are prewired with questions to which no absolute answers are to be found. No matter which side of the coin you reside; be it in search of God or just any sentient life other than us; we have all since the dawn of self awareness turned our sights to the heavens for answers.

On the other side, however the truly agnostic scientist (and I say truly because I believe it’s paramount that the sanctity of a word’s meaning be sovereign. Paradigms are often distorted and confused simply because we don’t take the time to understand everything we attach when we apply labels)… he being agnostic finds peace in the belief that the only proof that exists for any argument on the subject is that we can say with empirical absolution the no one can prove or disprove the existence of any deity. True agnosticism is based on a foundation of peace with the unknown and has no construct in place for salvation. So the concept of judgement or augmented human rights based on genetic predispositions under no one’s control but the random whim of nature is such an absurdity, the idea that it is even considered an option to put to a vote violates his paradigm of humanity. And now each man, being firmly planted within the confines of their respective paradigms have gone from trusted allies in the face of an agreed evil. Yet, each an immovable opposition to the other in a disagreement that for all intense and purposes resides in paradigms rooted in the most universally shared concept in all of human history. What’s the point? It’s simple. The paradigms we reside in when in harmony create civilizations, give birth to art, higher consciousness, expanded horizons which leads to more comfort and trust and in the end; the single most important trait of humanity.

What Does the Paradigm Mean to You?

Empathy. Until you truly seek to understand that which is different; especially that which fundamentally opposes your paradigms; then you are not truly free. Freedom is the Paradigm men have given their lives for. But for most, it’s an illusion. Because freedom only exists when choices are made. My paradigms are tested daily. And shift more often than I do laundry. BECAUSE I HAVE CHOICES. Choices require information. Here, I’m going to share any and everything I find interesting from music to film to technology, futurism, transhumanism, space, science, science fiction, science that USED to be science fiction, deloreans, altered states, boobs, religion, boobs, education, public outreach, hidden treasure, adventures on mountains, in caves, underwater, with boobs, scientific shit THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND, cutting edge R&D, regenerative medicine, hot librarians, and yes…. boobs. And guitar solos. There’s only so much one man can google. So this will soon be an open forum. It’s not for everyone… basically just really cool people into awesome shit. If that’s you….. then hopefully I’ll see you here often in The Paradigm.

THIS IS NOT A PLACE OF DEBATE! This is a place to come, learn, share, grow, be amazed, be unimpressed, be challenged, be changed, be unphased, be inspired, humbled, moved, and be made resolute. There is more fascinating information in the world than we could all learn 10 lifetimes. So let’s get started. I’m Ben Moody; and welcome to The Paradigm.

Mystery #1
Fucking magnets. How do THEY work?


13 thoughts on “The Paradigm

  1. Looking forward to the follow on to this.
    We are in one big world and need to share it regardless of faith or lack of. Music has to be the true artform that brings people together from all walks, all faiths into a singular giggy jumpy dancing oneness.

    But then again the mention of boobs and science and regenerative medicine in the same sentance has got me hooked.

  2. For the agnostic scientist, what are “rights”? Do they consist of more than an arbitrary social contract?

  3. I have never respected you more than I do after reading that. You’re awesome, man. Definitely keeping an eye on this blog.

  4. You got me hooked. I am not a native English speaker but I hardly ever have any difficulty reading anything I find online. I must admit I had to read some sentences here twice. Well, life is more interesting when it is challenging so I will be happy to read more on every topic you listed except for boobs probably :)

  5. Scientists say it’s about the + attracts – thing but we all know that they work because there’s “magic everywhere in this bitch.”
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

    This first post is really interesting and I love the concept so I’ll stay tuned.

  6. I had a “paradigm” shift in my head a couple years ago which was truely amazing and wonderful. My wife and I were struggling in our marriage, getting counselling, etc. I didn’t know if I could be with her the rest of my life. I am in recovery from drug addiction, and constantly asking my “higher power” for help. One July day, my core feeling (thinking, beliefs) “shifted” and I realized the preciousness of my 30 year marriage. I suddendly wanted to spend the rest of my life with this human, my wife, whom had been on this life journey with me so many years. And I’ve felt the same way ever since. That’s a paradigm shift!

  7. Magnets amaze me. I have some stuck to bolts on my bed right now. They are like “magic”, but they aren’t! They are REAL! We are so used to “the way the world works”, since we grew up here. We are not at all suprised when two stones WON’T stick to each other. We ARE surprised when two pieces of “metal” (magnets) DO stick together. We just play with them and wonder how they push or pull each other through space via some INVISIBLE force. WTF! Wow! How is this possible? Freakin’-A, man. Well, I studied some Physical Science (Physics-real science-the evidence-based search for real truth in this universe. Not wishful thinking based on religious doctrine from religious leaders trying to hold onto their power. You get the picture).
    My limited understanding, as far as it goes, is that electricity and magnetism are actually ONE of the four basic forces of the universe. Scientists discovered in the 1800′s that electricity and magnetism are manifestations of ONE force: the electromagnetic force. For example, if you hold a magnet near a wire, it will produce an electic current in the wire. That’s how dams produce electricity. They use the water flow to spin magnets near wires, and thus produce electric current for our homes. On the other hand, if you want to get a motor shaft to spin without using a river (i.e. in a power saw), you use an electric current to spin a shaft with magnets attached to it. So an electric current can produce a magnet (electromagnet), and a magnet can produce an electric current. Amazing! Why does this happen? The “laws” of nature and physics JUST WORK THAT WAY!
    Well, then how does a magnet work? Apparently, everything we see (including US) is made up of combinations of electrons, protons, and neutrons (atoms, like carbon, oxygen, iron, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous). Guess what? Those electrons are in constant motion, jumping around, moving, vibrating. The thing that apparently makes a magnet a magnet, is the unique way the atoms are attached together, in uniform, specific pattern. They are ALL LINED UP THE SAME DIRECTION, if you will, so the electrons all vibrate in one direction. This causes the magnetic field to be produced in one, more powerful direction, because these electrons are just like current in a wire that produces a magnetic field. WA-LAH! THERE’S YOUR MAGNET!
    And there’s your answer, the best I can say it. “God bless this world” (NOT just America).

  8. I was just wondering if you have any custom guitar picks yet? I saw you in April 2003 in El Paso, TX and always wondered if you ever did. I now DESIGN them, so if you’re interested, check out some samples on my website and message me back, I can even send some samples if you’d like. Also, tell Dave Buckner that Bizznitchicuss says ‘hi’, and let him know that I can get him some sticks too.


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